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Distance from Tarrel: 9.1 miles; 16 mins

Undoubtedly one of the finest whisky distilleries in the world. Learn about the expert craftsmanship and innovative methods that contribute to the exceptional smoothness and complex flavour profile whisky. We promise that you will be awe-struck by their giraffe copper stills, the tallest in all of Scotland!  

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Distance from Tarrel: 13.9 miles; 23 mins

Balblair Distillery produces high-quality single malt whiskies using traditional techniques and the finest local ingredients. Each visitor has a truly unique and memorable experience here, and is even granted the opportunity to bottle their own whisky directly from the barrel. Don't forget to ask the about "The Angel's Share"! 

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Distance from Tarrel: 32 miles; 45 mins

With a commitment to traditional whisky-making techniques and the use of local ingredients, Clynleish distillery crafts some of the finest single malt whisky in the Highalnds, that is truly unique and representative of the region.

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Distance from Tarrel: 18 miles; 25 mins

Dalmore is renowned for its use of exceptional ingredients, innovative techniques, and expert craftsmanship. A tour of this distillery will give you a true appreciation for the art of Scottish whisky-making.

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