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Weddings at Tarrel Farmhouse

Celebrate your wedding at Tarrel Farmhouse, a truly unique and unforgettable venue in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. Offering breathtaking landscapes and magnificent gardens, it exudes a rustic charm that simply cannot be found in conventional venues. 

We are proudly partnered with Highland Stretch Tents and offer a large tent with a generous capacity to cater for nearly all event sizes. It comes with all of the facilities you need to host festivities into the evening, including a full bar for all of your guests. 

Indulge with our premium  canapé menu featuring the best of local produce, or opt for another of our favourite catering suppliers.

The best part? You have exclusive use of the Farmhouse for two-nights. This includes five double bedrooms for up to 10 guests, breakfast each day, and a welcome dinner on your night of arrival.

We understand that every bride and every wedding journey is completely different. From your initial enquiry to your final goodbye, we will be here to help you every step of the way.

We are currently taking bookings across dates from June to September, 2024. To discuss your wedding, attain a quote, or arrange a visit please call us on 01862 871 607, or submit an email enquiry below.

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Memories that last a lifetime
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